Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Another racist cracker...

I bet that title got your attention! Yep, Cracker Barrel is being accused of racism yet again. It may or may not be true, BUT IT IS NOT RIGHT that racism is so alive in America. I can't speak of the validity to the report (linked bel0w), but I can say racism is alive an well in America.

The thing that most breaks my heart, and I'll leave it alone for today after this, is the way supposed Christians (of EVERY color) do not seem to differ much from the rest of the world. Sunday morning is the most segregated hour in the nation.

Now, back to Cracker Barrel...I love eating there and will continue. That's one store. If it is revealed that Cracker Barrel in general is a racist company, I'll ban the joint.

IF you read the article you will find the woman plans on suing. I do think she should speak up, but suing has become so reflexive in our country that it sickens me. I guess I'll hit that subject another day...

Link to story I read:

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