Sunday, October 15, 2006

A Memory

Freddy Fender, dead at 69

When I was a little kid, no more than four or five, my mom and dad attended "REACT" meetings. I would stand on a table and sing. Of all the people whose songs I sang I can remember singing Tanya Tucker's version of "Delta Dawn" and Mac Wiseman's "Two Little Boys". I remember people asking me to sing Freddy Fender's "When the Next Tear Drop Falls" (great song)...I think they only asked me to sing it so they could laugh when I botched the part of the song that Freddy sang in Spanish. I didn't care; I loved fishing, playing baseball and doing both with my mouth full of Levi Garrett chewing tobacco (NOT recommended, just part of the story) and I could buy a pack of Levi for about $.35. When I sang those songs people put dollars and quarters in my hand. Thanks for the chew Freddy! More so, thanks for the music!

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