Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My Blanky

I have long theorized that the greatest blanket on the face of the earth would be one made from t-shirt material 0n one side and a linen sheet on the other. To test my theory my mother-in-law made this blanket from some of my old t-shirts and a sheet. I was right! This IS The best blanket EVER made!!!!
To make it more special, most of the t-shirts are from special times in my life; youth lock-ins, mission trips, a shirt Brett and Brandon Carver (then teenagers) bought me after I was burned really badly, softball teams I really enjoyed...just different things. So, I sleep under the best blanket EVER made by human hands AND I am wrapped in some great memories.
Perhaps the best thing is knowing my mother-in-law loved me enough to do this for me.

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