Friday, October 27, 2006

Want to witness, but are unsure of your ability?

Friends, let me tell you about something that I think is VERY SPECIAL. It is witnessing the way it should be done...biblically, lovingly, and effectively. It's not so much a new strategy as it is a way of simply tapping into Scripture. It's called "The Way of the Master". That is also the name of Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron's ministry (

You can buy the book for about $15.00 or you can enroll in their online school of evangelism for $150.00 (a great bargain). Check these things out.

If you have ever been timid about sharing or simply unsure of yourself or your ability this ministry and training CAN and WILL help you. Yes, I am endorsing it. Yes, I am advertising for them. Yes, I believe EVERY DIME you might spend in equipping yourself through this ministry will be worth it.

Do me the favor of looking over the site. Check out the book or the course under "Get Equipped". If you have high speed, look at a couple of the videos of Ray or Kirk sharing on the street (

I have read the book. Honestly, God has given me a generous portion of Himself when it comes to witnessing, so I've never "struggled" to share. However, I WANT TO BE BETTER EQUIPPED myself, so I plan on taking the course myself as soon as I have the extra cash. There are scholarships available if money is between you and the course.

Again, with my endorsement (for what that's worth), check it out!

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