Friday, October 06, 2006

Women and other things which faith nor science can explain

You know there are some things a person just has to learn to live with. I hold before you "women". I won't explain that comment. If you are a guy you just knowingly nodded in agreement. It has been proven by the newest standards in science, by every method of logic and by Biblical exegesis that women will argue with any possible explanation that I could possibly offer. For a woman to know that she is whatever she is there must either be #1 some type of nuclear or radiation accident, such as that kind that Bruce Banner experienced or like Peter Parker's experience; #2 she becomes a man; #3 God reveals whatever secret knowledge about women He is holding to her (it is also well known that He hasn't told many men whatever information that it is that He is holding back).

Other things...and I could go on for days...braille on a DRIVE THROUGH ATM machine. Some smart alleck told me it was for blind people who came through in a cab. I don't buy that. The cab driver could watch their fingers and steal all their cash. Bogus explanation. I'm going to have to live without knowing, but I've chalked it up to one of four things--- #1 For walk up blind people, but I question the wisdom in having blind people walk into a path made for cars; #2 to be politically correct; #3 'cause they make all the machines the same; #4 for people who can see anytime but when they actually want to withdraw their money...that's the best.

Why do TV producers make TV shows that complain that TV shows don't have the bravery to do bold things on TV? No commentary necessary.

Why does my wife fuss at me for letting my daughter eat feed corn straight from the cob (feed corn is not for people)? I mean, really. She fusses at me for that and lets the kids watch soap operas with her. Shhheeessh! Which one is more dangerous? I guess it's another thing I have to live with.

There are others, but the one that is the best is why am I typing this when no one knows I have a blog site?


Brian said...

I know you have a blog site!!! You better keep it up! :-D

As for the braille on drive-up ATMs, that's a good question. I honestly wonder the purpose of braille at ANY ATM -- not to say that sight-impaired folks shouldn't have the option of using an ATM, but I don't know that it's such a good idea for them to use one by themselves. It would leave them open to being robbed (more so than the sight-enabled folks).

The irony here being that I use terms like "sigh-impaired" and "sight-enabled" while at the same time saying that blind people shouldn't use ATMs. That's warped!

And I'm babbling.

twbowes said...

You are flirting with political correctness. That's not cool!