Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Youth For Christ Roxboro Newsletter

Water From The Rock

Seeking To Give Back While Receiving

It was one of those episodes that could never have been scripted. A young man approached a YFC Staffer, Brett Carver, and asked if he could join the varsity volunteer ranks. Brett said, “Sure; you need to fill out a volunteer application. Sit down right here and I’ll walk you through it.” That’s when the script was ripped from under us and The Producer took over.

As they filled out the general information the conversation was light and quick. That came to an abrupt halt when the young man arrived at the section of the application that requested his testimony of conversion. The young man realized he didn’t have one!

He began to ask Brett questions. True to a form of wisdom, Brett answered those questions with love, faith, and God’s Word. Brett breathed prayers of dependence and hope to our ever faithful God and continued to give the young man the whole counsel of God’s Word, being sure to caution the young man that he should “count the costs” of becoming a disciple. The draw of the Lord was too strong to resist and the young man submitted his life to the Lord. Of all the places, Troy gave his heart to Christ behind the reception desk of The Warehouse.

That’s the story. That’s also the way of serving the Lord. Many of you could tell stories of times you went on mission trips or responded to natural disasters; times when you desired to give and received more than you gave.

That’s how ministry is. Why? Simple; we serve a giving God. Thank You, Lord, for giving us a chance to serve. Thank You, Lord, for giving Troy life! You are good all the time!

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

November is a season of thanksgiving that leads to a season of giving. Thank you for volunteering. Thank you for your financial support. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for having hearts that follow hotly after God and desire to see young people engaged. To all of you, from all of the YFC Staff and Board, THANK YOU!

More than anything, thank God, our Father for His sovereign care. Thank Jesus for willingly giving His life and for taking it up again. Thank You, Holy Spirit, for your indwelling, guiding work in our lives.

Yes, let us be careful to be thankful to Him who has called us out of darkness and into His marvelous light!


News from CL @ PHS — By: Brett Carver

A new year for Person High Campus Life is underway and it has shown to be very fruitful. The numbers have doubled since last year and the types of kids that are coming have dramatically changed. Last year the typical Campus Life (CL) student was a church going student. Now we have students coming that may have never seen the inside of church walls. Last year’s curriculum ‘Why Believe the Bible’ set the foundation for this year’s ‘Essentials of the Bible.’ This year we are diving deep into what the Bible teaches. Students are using Bibles to look up passages for themselves to see what it teaches. Some goals for this year are to teach students how to read the Bible, from looking up passages to deciphering for themselves what Scripture says, instead of getting scripture spoon fed to them. Mixed in with these Bible lessons are free snacks and fun games. It’s an excellent time for students to have fellowship and to grow in knowledge of the Bible. We are having a great time and would love to see your student(s) there. Encourage them to go and drag their friends in kicking or rejoicing! You come too! (Kicking or rejoicing accepted!)

In Christ’s Love,

News from CL @ NMS — By: Rev. Sylvester Clay

WHEN,WHEN,WHEN??? That is the question being asked by our youth in Campus Life at Northern Middle School. I am having a fabulous time ministering to all of OUR youth in the school system. New faces are attending in our club, as well as the ones from the year before. You would be amazed at what can happen in one hour and fifteen minutes one Tuesday afternoon each week after school. Believe it or not OUR youth are hungry and thirsting after the Righteousness of GOD!! It is work sowing good seeds, however I don't believe GOD wants me to raise the whole crop by myself. Have you ever seen a farmer plant a garden without any tools at all? No you have not. (THE HARVEST IS PLENTIFUL BUT THE LABORERS ARE FEW). The only way you can keep a tree from bearing bad fruit, is you have to take time to nurture, feed, and protect it from those bad elements that are just waiting to devour its harvest. What am I saying? The same thing OUR youth are. They want to know when will they be able to leave the school and go to the Warehouse. When will they be able to have Campus Life more than one day, When this, when that. I just answer in my heart to myself and say, when more of God's people realize that it is not about us. When the people start comforting and stop complaining. You know what, I know this is for the newsletter but I’m getting teary eyed right now. I could go on, instead I will ask you one question. WHEN WILL YOU............?

Because of Him,

News from CL @ SMS — By: Rev. Matt Rummage

Greetings from the Campus Life staff serving at Southern Middle School. This month we want all of the YFC supporters to know what is going on with CL @ Southern.
First, I would like to emphasize the blessing the volunteers and I have received from ministering to these students. It’s encouraged us to know God is using you to make a holy difference in the lives of these young students. I have two volunteers who serve each week, Rusty Oliver (Bethany Church) and Rusty Ford (Somerset Church). Overall, we’ve met for nine weeks and we are currently averaging between 18 and 25 students at each meeting. During one of the first meetings we saw several of the students make decisions to follow Jesus.
Second, I believe it’s important to inform you that CL is not a baby sitting ministry or an after school program designed to keep kids busy till their parents come and pick them up. We are serious about helping these students begin and grow in a relationship with their Creator. Our group is extremely diverse. We have students who know Jesus and attend worship weekly. However, we also have students who are radically unchurched. These particular students are skeptical and they raise some serious questions about God and the Bible.
For example, one of the most memorable meetings thus far was the one in which we discussed the question, “How do we know what we know?” This discussion truly revealed the convictions of the students about truth and the Bible. We may not want to admit it, but our culture and its beliefs about truth have greatly impacted our younger generation. The volunteers and I were asked a lot of tough questions during the lesson. Nonetheless, I believe God showed up and enabled all of us to answer each question with boldness and clarity. I could tell the answers made the students think more seriously about the issue. Please pray for the hearts of these unchurched students to be receptive to God’s truth. Pray God will remove the blinders from their eyes so that the light of the glorious gospel can shine through.
Finally, I believe its imperative for all of you to know that my desire is to see the students of this ministry become disciple makers themselves. I do not want this ministry to become like most churches who just sit around within the four walls of their buildings eating doughnuts and playing games while the world goes to hell. I want these kids to first establish a relationship with God and then I want to see them go and be ambassadors for Christ to their classmates, so that they can help them establish a relationship with God through Jesus.
Before I go, someone may ask, “What can I do to help?” Well, the answer is simple. Pray for the students and make yourself available to volunteer at least once a month. Hey guys, I love you, but it’s high time for the church to get busy. Help us go where the kids are and reach them before the devil does.

Right there with you,


Charles and Lynn Fuller
Dr. Greg and Marilyn Hicks
Earl and Ninez Lee
Mt. Harmony Baptist Church
Warren’s Grove United Methodist Church

A gift was given in memory of Luella Bogey by Warren’s Grove UMC.

From The Director’s Chair

A long time ago I was nicknamed “Bulldog”. I like bulldogs. Their kind of cute, in a slouchy kind of way. But, and here’s my problem, I found a breed description that described a bulldog this way: Gentle, friendly, and adoring, with a mischievous dose of stubbornness, the English Bulldog is incessantly loyal to its family. It usually gets along well with other animals, is particularly fond of children, and does best indoors. Highly spirited as a puppy, the English Bulldog grows up to be a calm adult. The breed prefers not to exercise, can easily overheat, and is prone to drooling and snoring (www.bulldogbreeds.com/englishbulldog.html). Wait a minute! I’d like to think I’m loyal and I KNOW I can be stubborn, but what is all this stuff about preferring not exercise and drooling and snoring? I’m offended!

Most churches are full of bulldogs. They are friendly, but easily overheat and snore a lot. C’mon, have a sense of humor!

When it comes to ministry, I want to be a pit bull. Pit Bulls, as a breed get a bad rap. When properly socialized they are loving, protective, intelligent, and loyal animals. The same could be said of Christians!

I’ve had several pit bulls in my life, and ALL of them have been GREAT pets. I never fought them, and I always loved them and they were, in turn, lovable. (Ain’t he cute?)
My favorite thing about pit bulls as a breed is that they were bred to have fierce, unrelenting, unmatched determination. They never give up!

If we are going to reach the youth generation of today we are going to have to be pit bulls. The Bible says, “And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up” (Galatians 6:9; ESV). I’ve been talking with our ministerial staff and many volunteers and donors about that very thing lately. We must be unrelenting and unmatched in our determination and effort! We must bite down on the thing God has given us to do and refuse to be shaken loose even as the gates of hell seek to prevail against us.

It wasn’t long ago that I quoted that same verse in this same forum. That’s where we still are, dear friends...we’ve got to lock down and hang on. We will reap if we hang on and refuse to grow weary.

Keep praying. Keep giving. Keep serving. Keep sharing His witness. Keep on keeping on.

I like to slobber and snore; honestly, I do. This is not the season for that. This is the season to serve and sacrifice. This is the season to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus...holding on… determined… together… for His glory! Let’s be pit bulls!

Grace and peace to you from God the Father and Jesus the Son,
Romans 12:1-2


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