Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Prayer Time

Hey, if any of you want to join us in the most noble of services to the Lord, then join us for prayer time on Wednesdays @ 11:15 AM at the YFC offices. Here is this week's praises and prayer requests.

Youth for Christ Roxboro
Dec 13, 2006

I will be careful to live a blameless life; when will you come to help me? I will lead a life of integrity. Psalm 101:2; NLT

Praises: For the graduate student choosing the Warehouse’s security/teen check-in system for his dissertation project; now we'll have a tailor-made solution for keeping track of everyone! For the multiple opportunities provided by teachers, juvenile justice, community service, etc. to impact the lives of Person County teens. For one of our regulars bringing a young man whose father had tried to commit suicide to Tim for counseling. For the young girl who gave her heart to Jesus last week during the prayer time after the talk. For the different attitude in the young man who came up to shake the hand of the volunteer who had a month earlier suspended him for fighting. Lord, for the way You continually, faithfully, humbly work in hard hearts to make them soft so that we choose life instead of death. Thank you for Your love.

Pleas: Lord, just like Ps 101:2 shows, we can’t lead blameless lives without Your help. We can't be Your ambassadors with hearts of integrity unless You put pureness in us. Neither can these teens follow You unless You put such a craving in their hearts for You and Your Word that they desire You more than sugar. Please, Father, pursue them in their homes, their school days, their free time. Make all things evil, lazy and selfish repellent to them. Give them a curiosity about who You are and why You put the world together the way You did; make them want to learn. For the glory of Your name, produce Kingdom teens that reflect Jesus in their schoolwork, their character, their language. Only You can do that, Lord. Please allow us to be part of Your plan. DW; people to pray with; 15 board members in 2007.

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