Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Devotion News

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I have not stopped writing devotions. I have, however, stop sending them via email. I THOUGHT I had sent a notice like this one out, but apparently it was one of my dreams. I THOUGHT I had sent a notice saying that you can read devotions on my blog site (linked below my signature line). I already knew I was crazy, but now I guess my memory is fading. To confirm this I looked through all of my "sent" emails, and, yes, I have not sent out a prior notice.


NOTICE: I have begun posting devotions on my blog site (again, link below my signature line). The best way to preserve this is to add it to your "favorites" list. You can do that by "clicking" on "Favorites", which is located toward the top right of your screen, and then clicking "add" and the link will be preserved there. You can then hit that every day and check out the devotions. Beware! There may be all kinds of crazy thoughts posted there. I am a certified lover of Jesus and I may write about any thing!

I am sorry that I did not communicate any of this earlier; I really should have not lost my mind and forgotten. To catch up on devotions, check out the blog. I hope you will ALL hang in there with me.

The decision to change my method of distribution was predicated on the unreliable nature of email communication. I have had many tell me they were not receiving devotions. It is my prayer that this will become THE most effective means to share the word with you all. You can still reply to the devotions, either by sending me an email or posting on the blog site where is says "comment".

By the way...Merry Christmas!!!

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