Thursday, January 04, 2007

This is our new Volunteer Schedule that will help alleviate several problems. It will help us to log volunteer hours and will make it easier to keep up with who is volunteering. If you look you will see that the night is split up into two shifts. This particular one it for a Friday night(as we will be closing at 8 during the week). You can choose which time slot that you would like to work and sign up for that slot. You can also sign up for both time slots to work one spot the entire night. Saturdays have been broken into 3 time slots 1-4,4-7 and 7-10.

Volunteer Schedule



Reception_John Doe___/ ______________
Reception____________/ ______________
Gym________________/ ______________
Skate Park____________/ ______________
Snack Bar__Rob Roy___/ __Rob Roy_____
Fitness_______________/ ______________
Computer Lab_________/ ______________
Hang Out_____________/______________
Whatever_____________/ _Bob Jones____
Whatever_____________/ ______________
Mentor_______________/ ______________
Mentor_______________/ ______________

Church Team___________/ ______________
Church Team___________/ ______________
Manager on Duty_______________________

The only difference between this one and the real one is that we hope to have the real ones filled up! Speaking of, we slots that need to be filled this weekend. If you would like to volunteer then you can email me or call our office and we will pencil you it.

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