Wednesday, January 17, 2007

YFC Praises and Pleas

Youth for Christ Roxboro              Jan 17, 2007

He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and
multiply the seed you have sown and increase the fruits of your
righteousness. 2 Cor 9.10

Praises: For the young man newly determined to behave so that he can come
to the Warehouse; for the opportunity to sit next to a teen at a computer
and discuss what he thinks about what is
on the screen; for the opportunity to plant seeds in their hearts and minds,
thank You, Lord. Only You, Father, can supply and multiply those seeds.
Thank You for doing that on a daily basis in Campus Life meetings, at the
Warehouse, in the lives of volunteers.

Pleas: Hearts with plowed soil to receive gospel seeds and the hoeing,
watering and fertilizing necessary to produce true disciples. Volunteers,
especially mentors, willing to come alongside these young people and help
them feel valued by You. For the rap group, Bible studies, Campus Life
meetings, guitar lessons, and nightly talks to be used by You, Lord, to do
Your will. Wisdom for our board and staff; new people to pray for YFCR; 15
board members; for Tim, Care and Brett to be fed, encouraged and challenged
at the international YFC meeting in 2 weeks; the March 27 banquet to further
the vision and bring You glory; for Secretary Sandra Whitt on Mercy Ships
and Cheryl Torrence, her temporary replacement; for Allies to build on their
unity and strength; for a ministry to 20s; DW; for Your continued
protection against the chief liar, thief and murderer and his schemes.

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