Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Praises and Pleas

Youth for Christ Roxboro              Mar 14, 2007

God sends His love and His faithfulness great is Your love, reaching to the heavens;
Your faithfulness reaches to the skies. Ps 57. 3,10

Praises: A year ago we struggled to reach 100 kids with the gospel. This
week the Warehouse
will register its 2,000th teenager. Truly, Lord, You love these lost little
ones and have been faithful to bring them into contact with Your Word. More
than that, Lord, You have allowed us to build relationships with fatherless,
needy teens and there are discernable differences in their lives because of
You. Thank You for the young man who when called on the carpet, actually
thanked Tim for correcting his behavior.

Pleas: Lord, You are so efficient. In sending Your love and faithfulness
to these teens, You are working in the hearts of staff and volunteers (more
than 150/month and working more than 300 hours/wk) to make us more like You.
Thank You for Your love and faithfulness to make us into pure vessels to
carry Your word. In Your love and faithfulness, open those 2,000 hearts
(+DW), Lord, to hear and obey. Change the teen culture in this community
from the inside out so that we can bring You glory in the midst of a society
dedicated to self. Lord, we thank You in advance for sending 4 summer
interns, 7 physical prayer priests, 15 board members, and 400 people at the
March 27 reception to cheerfully do Your will. P.S. Lord, we need someone
to minister to the girls!

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