Sunday, April 22, 2007

Friday Fragments, By: Dan Wolgemuth, YFC-USA President

April 20, 2007

Are Christians supposed to have all the answers? Is it okay to admit that even though we are followers of the living God that sometimes we can’t understand what’s going on… or why? Sometimes we feel like it’s our job to fill the silence of an unanswered question with religious clich├ęs… but I’m convinced that God isn’t afraid of the introspection.

When authentic questions fill the rooms where Christians reside… God isn’t defensive or hurt. In fact, God makes sure that we have a record of these kinds of questions in multiple places… like His dialog with Job:
Job said:“Why do the wicked live,reach old age, and grow mighty in power?”

Amazing that God didn’t strike this from the record… no, He documented and preserved it. But He didn’t stay silent. His answer was a question… 64 of them, in fact. And in them, He reminded us all, that He needs no help from us to make sense of the pain. He’s not ringing His hands hoping that we’ll come up with an appropriate reply. No, God has a history of making beautiful order out of the chaos of life.

So our hearts break for all those touched by the horror at Virginia Tech… and rightly so. But we’ll resist the urge to throw a one-word answer at an essay question. God doesn’t need our help to sort it out. He’s not afraid of the silence. His heart breaks as well… for the inhumanity, for the hatred, for the injustice…

Even in the silence… hope, even through the tears… promise.

Bring your questions… even the tough ones.

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. ~ John 1:5

Light… always and forever. Unbeatable light. Even in the chaos

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