Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Praises and Pleas

Youth for Christ Roxboro Apr 4, 2007

You, O God, are my King from of old;
You bring salvation upon the earth. Ps 74.12

Praises: more kids each week at Campus Life; a policeman noticing that a
boy attending Campus Life meetings at Northern has stopped running with a
gang; Three Hearts Learning center now tutoring kids upstairs at the
Warehouse; great article about YFCR in the Courier; opportunity for
Tim to teach/minister to policemen in regard to youth of our county; teens
sharing troubles with volunteers and accepting prayer for their problems

Pleas: You DID bring salvation upon the earth, Lord, in the most amazing
way--somehow cloning Yourself to take on the sin that You can’t touch to
allow us to live WITH You and IN You and THROUGH You forever. Now we ask
that You help us deliver that incredible news to our young people (DW).
Thank You, Father, that You are willing to take on the whole burden opening
our hearts and mouths to tell others about what Jesus accomplished for us,
and opening their hearts and ears to take in what we are saying. Protect us
all--staff, volunteers, teens, and our families--from the evil one, Lord, in
all his thieving, murdering, destroying guises. Keep gang and drug activity
far from us. Send Your Holy Spirit to teach, convict and bring honor to
Your Name and word at the Warehouse this week. Deepen our relationships
with these young people, Lord, so that they will know You by Your love.

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