Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Lightening (sp)

Well, I am in Indiana for a time of training with YFC. I won't be posting my Luke devotions for a few days. I had planned on doing it from Indiana, but the storm's lightening (sp) apparently did some serious damage to my computer at home. My plan was to save the files on a disk and bring them with me to post daily while in Huntington, but the damage was done before the disk was made. What shall I do? Well, I have cursed the storm and the computer and have ask forgiveness for both deeds. I then prayed over the cotton-picking thing b/c I have THOUSANDS of pages of documents filed on it and I asked God to, in the least, redeem those many hours of writing. As soon as my prayer was over a good brother's face came to me; I called him and he said, "I'll try my best to save your files. If I can't fix the computer I will make it better than before." PRAISE THE LORD! So, I don't know right now if I will get those files back, but if I don't I must assume that is the will of my Father. At any rate, I was very excited about the Luke devotions, and I still am, but that project is on hold.

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