Saturday, June 30, 2007

Book Signing Date Changed; Read Below

This announcement is to let you all know that my first devotional book, Light Steps, is hot off the publisher's press. I have planned two "book signings." The first book signing will be July 26 at The Warehouse from 6:30-8:00 PM. The second book signing will be August 11 at Person County Public Library from 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM. The first signing was originally scheduled for July 19.

ALL PROCEEDS from this book will go to Youth For Christ Roxboro. I have signed all royalties over to this ministry, so buy with confidence, knowing that I won't be driving a new truck with your hard earned money. (I'm going to do that with the oil well I am digging in my yard!)

Back Cover: "Some devotions tickle; some soothe; some make us uncomfortable; some make us cry; some convince; some convict; some heal; some cut straight to the heart. All are needed. Light Steps shares common stories that illustrate uncommon truths. These devotional stories range from the living room to the office to the playing field to the back forty of the local farm, but these truths fall like manna from heaven. The stories are often about common people, but the truths come from God, who is anything but common. Light Steps takes ordinary life and points out the extraordinary work of God in it. God always desires that we shed the light of His word on the darkness of everyday life. Be challenged and encouraged as you read these stories and realize God's truth. For your desk, purse or night stand; as a gift or for yourself, Light Steps is for you!"

The price of the book is $21.00 and all checks should be made to "Youth For Christ Roxboro."

You can preorder simply by replying to me via email or giving me a call.


Erin G. said...

Praise be to God most high! Keep fighting the good fight, Bro.

---Erin Gillespie

twbowes said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Bro. Erin.

The same goes for you!

You should consider doing a "toon book" one day. There is a great publisher in Mustang, OK called "Tate Publishing" that would be great in that capacity.