Saturday, July 21, 2007

Curious Hypocrisies

Riddle me this:

I have always wondered about such things as driving on a parkway and parking on a driveway and putting braille on DRIVE-UP ATM machines, but these things, though humorous (distastefully on some levels), can easily be answered by a little look into the English language and making a study of cultural political correctness (or by understanding that blind people can sit in other seats in a vehicle than that occupied by the driver).

Events of late though have caused me to question the nonsense that we are living under---namely the hypocrisy our government calls law.

Here are two examples -- be careful not to let my heavy sarcasm make you think I am a proponent of what I am about to say --

Example #1: Michael Vick has been indicted for federal dogfighting charges. This happens in the same state that allows "LEGAL" cockfighting...hmmmm

Example #2: If someone perpetrates abortion it's called choice. If someone kills a pregnant woman, it's called "double murder" (or murder and manslaughter if the person didn't know the woman was pregnant -- or a thousand other combinations depending on forethought, malice, etc. -- the point being the murderer is charged doubly for a pregnant woman).

Explain those things to me if you can. Seriously, I want to know.

From my book, exercising dominion over animals, a right I believe we are given by God, comes with an AUTOMATIC understanding that we are to practice good stewardship over animals and merciful treatment of them. Dominion does not grant us the right of cruelty; exercising cruelty is proof of authority misunderstood and / or abused. Secondly, as we have dominion over animals, so has God dominion over us. HE decides when the vapor that we call life is dispensed, disbursed, or distributed...we don't! HENCE, I believe that ABORTION is MURDER. (Admittedly, I struggle with capital punishment...I also believe if you tell someone "Hey, if you plan to murder someone and ruthlessly carry out your plan, the penalty IS warned of the consequences before you commit what is in your heart!") (As a side, albeit humorous -- to me-- irony, I think the consequence for SEX is the possibility of pregnancy, as well as the possibility of MANY things, that we must also RESPONSIBLY accept as we engage in the act.)

At any rate...explain these things to me...

I welcome all responses, but if you cannot be a lady or a gentleman, keep your thoughts to yourself. I am passionately anti-abortion, but I am NEVER ungentlemanly about it.

At the end of the day, you cannot legislate morality, so we should concentrate on conversion to Christ for that. We should only ask that legislation seek to create order in a society of mixed moralities.

Make no mistake of what I believe, lest anyone wonder if I am hedging on anything...fighting animals is CRUEL and sinful. Abortion is murder.

And when I say these things also hear that my lying tongue and prideful heart are equal sins in the face of a holy God. I am not better than anyone. I am in as much need for God TODAY as I was the day I prostrated my entire being before Him. I am simply frustrated that we live, seemingly at ease, with so much blatant hypocrisy.

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