Wednesday, September 19, 2007

[twbowes-devotions] Explain this to me....

 The Consequences of Roe v. Wade
Total Abortions since 1973

And I wonder...

How many babies has the "Morning After" pill taken from us that we will never know about?

A handful of people die in a mine collapse. The nation mourns nightly over the network news. We ought to mourn with these families. We hurt with them. We should.

A bridge collapses in Minnesota and many die. We look upon the scene with horror. We should.

We are appalled when 230,000 die from a Tsunami. We should be.

The Holocaust saw over 7,000,000 die. We whisper when we talk about that. We should.

No news-cameras record the scenes that represent those babies' lives that are represented by that gaudy number above. We should be disgusted. We should have righteous anger that drives us to our knees and wakes our voices to speak for these who have no voice. We should do something.

We might think it's a problem in California or "up north" as someone recently said to me. Though I cannot guarantee this number the NC Right to Life website says that 2.2 - 2.3% of the total abortions have happened in NORTH CAROLINA. That's 1,068,980. Yes; you read correctly: ONE MILLION, SIXTY-EIGHT THOUSAND, NINE HUNDRED EIGHTY unborn children in OUR STATE that had no voice to beg for their lives.

How can we as a nation, with a clear conscious, continue this? Please tell me.

Grace and peace to you from God the Father and Jesus the Son,
Tim Bowes
Executive Director
Youth For Christ-Roxboro
Romans 12:1-2
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Rebecca said...

Is it my computer or have you not posted in a long time...

twbowes said...

It's not your computer! I've been loopy and out of the loop, but am now, as the old western said, "Back in the saddle again..."