Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Sunday Night Worship was such a blast! Berry's Grove choir did an AWESOME job in performing the Experiencing God musical. What was so wonderful were the MANY filled pews. I was so happy to have so many visitors from Berry's Grove, a few from Long Memorial and quite a few of our own people.

What particularly pleased me about the crowd were the many children and teens who came to worship service. Many times Care has a good group of children on Wednesday night, but many of those same children have told us they don't want to go to worship service because they do not want to sit still for that long. Lord, change us all; teach us all to love learning, to be joyful when singing to You, to find great pleasure in sitting at Your feet, both alone and with others.

I want to log somewhere my hopes in making singing an important part of our assembling, so I do it here. For the two people who might read this, let me give some background; (1) I love singing; (2) We plan on having a full song service every fifth Sunday.

Now, that being said, let me explain the reasons I think that is important and that will explain why we had the Berry's Grove choir leading our service this past Sunday.
(1) EVERY song has a message. The message in many songs is downright horrible; some songs offered in church are bad too.
(2) We want people to really connect to the fact that every song we sing in our worship services carries with it an important message in the song; that the songs do something to lead our minds and hearts Godward or to soften us to His speaking.
(3) We want people to do more than simply "get through the songs" because it is time to sing. We want them to anticipate hearing something, and possibly saying something very important to God. The song may be the very prayer of our hearts, the proclamation of our faith, the praise of our lips or the proclamation of our belief.
(4) If worship music is just singing, I don't want it. If it's there because it's "supposed" to be, or because we value tradition, I don't want it. It is my belief, like the spoken Word, the Word sung can be filled with powerful messages, heavy truths that encourage, convince, convict and call to movement within and without.
(5) In short, we believe that the music can do as much preaching and praying and testifying as do the spoken elements of all three.

So, we want to convey that every song selection is supremely important; that we are seeking to hear from, speak to, glorify and please the Lord. We want it to be known that we are serious about every element of our services are intentionally meant to help us engage our total person in meeting with the Lord. We want to REALLY worship; to ascribe to Him His true worth. To take any part of a worship service casually is to be disrespectful.

All that being said, yet desiring to say more, the Berry's Grove choir "preached" a wonderful message and I was glad to be there. Though I'd not sang that particular musical in quite some time they graciously allowed me to step in and sing along. It was good to sing those great songs again. My record of yet making it through When I Survey the Wondrous Cross is alive and well. It's a heart lifting and a heart wrenching song.

More later...

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Mandy said...

That is the hardest song for me to sing as well... Particularly in the Experiencing God musical because of the hammering nails sound added in. You know me... I totally agree with what you're saying here. Music can play a major part in a worship experience. I wish more people took it seriously during worship services.