Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fat Body, Big God and Discipline - Entry #2

First, an update on what I said I would do:
What will I do?
1. Stop drinking soft drinks (I will finish the few ginger ales I have, but no more). (DONE and DOING)
2. Check into getting a health club membership and start riding a bike. (Not checked yet, but I will)
3. WHEN I snack, snack healthy. This means I need to buy some fruit. (No fruit, but no snacks either)
4. Pray God make me HEALTHY, not necessarily skinny. (Doing)
5. Pray God becomes glorified in this struggle. Indeed, it is a struggle. (Doing)
6. I WILL NOT become entangled in a fad. (Doing)

I want you to go back and check out the video called “Campus Life Showdown #2” ('s a great illustration. I did all that you see there for the show...I did it to pump the kids up; to have something funny to end our Campus Life meetings on. I would have done this if I weighed 179 lbs* However, when you are overweight, people say things that you know they are saying without wisdom. I turned to some students and said, "Who do you think will win?" One kid immediately said, "You will! You are fat and [he] is skinny!"

If you are overweight, you’ve heard stupid things like that. It really doesn’t bother me (much). It has taught me to try to understand people’s struggles; we’ve all got them.

You won't believe this...

A friend saw Entry #1 and sent me what was quite possibly the most affirming and encouraging email / letter I have ever received in my entire life. My friend told me she was always impressed that I am "Tim Bowes" no matter what, I am happy that someone recognized that, because, in the words of Lynyrd Skynyrd, I am just "a simple man..."

One thing I want to say today in the spirit of journaling this adventure is that I believe the Holy Spirit has led me here. I believe God is calling me into an area where I am not in control; an area where I am uncomfortable; an area in which I will have to learn new disciplines, and to “beat my body under” yet again.

I have gone through dramatic weight gains and losses on multiple occasions. It’s always tough. This is the longest I’ve been and the heaviest I’ve been. All of my weight gain has accompanied one of, or all of, the following things:
(1) An injury; back, knees, ankle
(2) Stopping another bad habit; drinking, chewing, smoking
(3) Worse eating habits, especially rushing to eat, eating at odd times and eating NOTHING
(4) A physically easier job
(5) Getting older (“Of course,” you’re thinking, “we all get older! Duh!”)
(6) Sheer laziness

It’s helpful recognizing some of the causes. Hopefully I recognize the strongholds that God wants to strike down.

This time has to be about worship and habit change. If it’s not that, it’s nothing. If it’s not that, it’s just another endeavor of the flesh. I don’t want that.

Thanks for reading and for those encouraging friends who spoke to me or sent me an email. Pray for me, and I’ll be praying for you…

*The weight my doctor says I SHOULD weigh.

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Mandy said...

Attending Financial Peace class last night, (we always take prayer requests to start), we all prayed for you. (Dan Sweet said to tell you that he's rooting for you, btw). Glad to see you are successfully taking positive steps!