Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Fat Body, Big God and Discipline - Entry #3

So...I finally weighed...I hadn't wanted to weigh, but now I've done it. I weigh 340 pounds! I can't and don't want to believe it myself. Yes, a lot of it is my beard and muscle. Okay, I know. And, I also know that in my case it means more sexy to spread around. Still, that's heavy! However, I think I was heavier last week before I weighed. I know the way I was soaking down soft drinks that simply quitting them was a good move in this endeavor.

I've been doing great! I don't feel lighter...hmmmm...I think it's this danged gravity!


Richard Sugg said...

Tim -- be encouraged. I have been losing weight since February. It's a hard road. Some weeks suck because the scale doesn't move (or moves in the wrong direction). But most weeks are great.

If there's a dinner somewhere (family, church, community), I have to decide whether I will fill up at Subway first and go to the dinner for fellowship or will I actually eat fried chicken. Each and every hour of each and every day I have to decide what I will eat. It's slow, it's painful, but it is worth it all the way!

Hang in there!

Mandy said...

I think there's a reason Joe and I don't own scales. In a word: fear! We are making small steps though, and continue to pray for your progress! :-)