Friday, December 04, 2009

Fat Body, Big God and Discipline = Entry #5

Still fat. However, I want to rejoice in God at my pursuit. I am not dieting, but I am making choices. The big choice is to eat and drink with more wisdom. I have been doing that. I have been drinking extremely reduced amounts of tea and soft drinks. For example, I only drank three soft drinks and one glass of tea between the beginning of September and Thanksgiving. I must confess, for most of Thanksgiving weekend, I ate and drank whatever I wanted to eat and drink. I simply enjoyed the holiday gatherings.

That's been a good change, but it's not simply a declaration. It's been facing every meal and every snack by making good choices.

I haven't weighed in a long time, and don't care to do it now.

After much prayer, this week I started to consciously cut down on carbs. I haven't gone nuts, but I've really cut back. I didn't throw the croƻtons out of my Caesar salad yesterday, but I didn't eat the bread with it.

Lord, help me, I'll get there...

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