Thursday, September 09, 2010

Fruitful Disciple

I believe I can teach the whole church something that WE all need to know.

Sometimes it probably comes across as arrogance, but I truly don't mean for it to come out that way. I am confident in what God wants to do in and through His church. It's not because I am "in the know" with some sort of special gnosis. I'm not. I only have two things going for me, and I can't take credit for either thing. First, God's word is pretty clear on the subject at hand. Secondly, the Holy Spirit is speaking with absolute clarity on this issue because it's constantly coming up.

What's the issue? Discipleship. Being and making disciples. Simple. We've got to get back to this. It WILL flow out of an abiding relationship with God. It just will. The cacophony of attention-grabbing, peace-stealing things that hammer at our attention every day only push that Still Small Voice further into whereverland; we need to hear and heed That Voice. Not to mention the hundreds of gods who sink claws into us; gods that look like hobbies and innocent "fun"; even religious goulash that has pious or sacred words as its identifiers steal away genuine stuff of faith and fellowship with Almighty God. We've got to get back to the main thing; walking with Jesus -- as a disciple -- WHILE teaching others to walk with Jesus -- as disciples.

I'm not talking about event-based evangelism. I am not talking about event-based teaching / learning (like most Sundays are in the average fellowship). I'm talking about The Church getting down to the blessed, privileged business of walking with Jesus. It's not new, but it's not being done on a wide-scale either. Hey, Lady...yeah, you...Ms. Church...hello? Let's talk. I've got some things I want to whisper to US. And, some things to shout.

And, I am tired of beating up the already-bruised-and-beaten Bride of Christ. I'm tired of blaming. I am tired of apathy. I am tired of complaining. I decided about 3 years ago to forsake that speech, and I'm learning to forsake the attitude. I'm going in a different direction. I am simply going to pursue the biblical mission of making disciples, gleaning from believers everywhere those who are hungry and ready for know, that kind of MORE in Ephesians 3:20...the kind of MORE that says "GOD IS ABLE" to do more than we can even imagine! I am going after that. That's my mission. Make and grow disciples. Period.

I have a message. I have a vision. I have purpose. 

Sure, it's not original. Praise God, it's HIS and it's antique, even pre-historical. Sure, it's the same drum I've been banging to people close to me for a few years, but I heard a man say one time that it's okay to keep plucking one note when it's THE NOTE. This is the note. I am taking the show to a larger audience. 

So, maybe I'm talking to the wind, but I'm talking nonetheless. So, I might be unoriginal, and that's cool. I might SEEM arrogant, and even though I don't want that, I'll take that rap if it serves the purpose to awaken the ears of folks to the message. 

You interested in getting into this? Come to Fruitful Disciple. Theme: Discipleship. New? No. Relevant? Absolutely. Important? Imperative. 

I got something to say to you. Are you willing to listen?

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Mandy said...

Well I'm getting excited. :-) I need a lot of work in a lot of different areas, but especially being a (true and effective) disciple. Looking forward to the conference!

(Love the new format, btw)!