Sunday, January 02, 2011

Trusting and Obeying and No Other Waying...

Here is part of a letter I am sending out to people who've made a donation to YFC in the past month and a half. I thought it worth sharing:

This story is too good not to tell...

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving found YFC totally broke, financially speaking. Staff were not going to get paid and bills were due. We closed the offices that day with the simple prayer that God would take care of His business while we spent time with family, thanking Him for giving us all that He had over the past year.

When we're low on finances I usually hit my knees and ask God to show me who to talk to about a gift. Sometimes those choices seem to make sense and other times I don't understand why God is laying a particular person on my heart. Still, it's my practice to pray, asking the Holy Spirit to guide me in the needed phone calls, not only on who to call, but what to say. God is always faithful.

This Wednesday was different. Not that I didn't pray, but what God spoke into my spirit was the difference. As I asked God who I should call, I heard silence. Okay, I thought, I can wait. I can wait for God to show me who to call. He didn't give me names. I went into my prayer closet several times over the course of that evening and the answer was silence.

Finally God spoke. It was clear. I know the Holy Spirit spoke clearly to me, telling me to “do nothing except to watch Me work.” Uh...okay. Some people would find it a struggle to go ask others for money. I found it a struggle to NOT ask. This was hard. I know the Spirit of God was speaking in my spirit not only to not ask, but to make people ask me specifically about finances and not to talk about it unless asked specifically. Whew...this was big trouble for me!

Over the course of the entire Thanksgiving weekend, not a single person asked me about finances. On the Sunday after Thanksgiving, I sat down to a late night of prayer, creating an “exit plan” to present to the staff the next morning at staff meeting and to the Board of Directors via email. I felt as “good” as a person could feel, with such a task as that. I slept little; not worried, but burdened for the lives of staff members and their families and the vision God has given me for our county. I sensed something had to give and the ministry would suffer and I wanted to be extra attentive in seeking to understand what that change might need to be and how God would use me for its implementation.

The most wonderful thing happened at staff meeting the next morning. – Remember, the staff had gone unpaid the previous week and I was telling them I did not know when any of us would get paid. I told them I'd rather free them to make sure they could provide for their families at some other job than to keep them with us and make no money. I explained what ministries and activties we'd cut first as we trimmed budget back from its already skeletal form. – The staff was undaunted, full of faith and unafraid! They all desired, like me, to press on and they all desired to walk by faith and trust God to the resourcing as He trusted us with the ministry. I was humbled. And, excited! Sure, I thought, Some things might have to change – maybe we'll have to close The Warehouse, or cut clubs, or get other jobs – but these beautiful people are committed to The Gospel, not the paycheck! YES, JESUS!

So, together, we decided to press on. Let's just do ministry! was our battle cry. $330.00 of $10,000.00 needed dollars came in that Monday and less than that on Tuesday.

I started and never finished an email to the Board of Directors. This is all I wrote: “Tomorrow's mail; tonight's gift; a miracle...any of these could change the necessity of the following email.” Again, I felt a check in my spirit, and I knew it was God speaking very quietly to me again: “stop typing and wait.” So, I did. The next morning gifts started to pour and all sorts of people began to ask me very directly about the financial status of YFCR. I answered and they gave. Many gave who did not ask!

Between Wednesday morning and Thursday afternoon, the Lord used you all to give $14,000.00 to The Gospel. It was all a mighty work of His Spirit!

It truly is better to walk by faith than to walk by sight. This experience has been a wonderful affirmation to the faith and faithfulness of our staff. And, the same can be said for many of our volunteers who are so intimately connected to our mission they know the details of what we do and what we do it with as we do.

Thank you for being part of this beautiful experience! Thank you for listening the Holy Spirit when He speaks to you, telling you to pray for us, work with us or support us with resources. Thank you for your commitment to being an ongoing supporter of The Gospel.

Please consider being added to our “Ministry Report” list, which is sent out via email, and request to be added by emailing me at Though we don't have time to report it all, as our staff has time, they report on various ministry activities, testifying of how they see the Spirit at work in young people.

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