Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Youth for Christ Roxboro Praises & Pleas

Youth for Christ Roxboro Praises & Pleas   1/11/11
…that the man of God may be complete,
thoroughly equipped for every good work.  2 Tim 3.17

Praises:   For months now YFCR volunteers have been training and practicing, even getting some public speaking tips, and now, Father God, You routinely help them share confirming testimonies in Saturday Night Chapel @ TheWarehouse.  As a result, teens are seeking out not just YFCR staff, but volunteers, to ask counsel.  And at the same time, Lord,  You have unleashed a new season of trust in Person County youth.   Middle and high schoolers are confessing struggles with temptations, doubts and questions about You, entrusting info about sexual orientation and confusion.  Thank You, Mighty Equipper, for making staff and volunteers not just available, but more than capable, to bring them to Your word for true help.  

Pleas:  Father, please help the students who attended Equipper Camp during Christmas break to keep applying what they learned.  As student leaders, enable them to stand up for You regardless of comments from their peers.  For students struggling with sexual confusion and temptations, we ask for open hearts, ready to receive and obey Jesus.  Please give each staff and volunteer Your wisdom from above as they counsel teens.  Dearest Trainer, we also ask that You enable YFCR board members to employ the training they received this past weekend to do an excellent job for You.  May all be complete for Your glory!

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