Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Madame Practical

So, my mom is a genius. Yeah, you heard it here.
I already knew she was. I've eaten her cooking on and off for nearly 42 years. My tongue told me long, long ago this woman gots mad knowledge and skills.

Today, her practical, down-to-earth mama-mojo was proven again in a simple way.

You know those hangers we get when we buy certain clothes? You know, the ones we don't want, but they leave on the clothes and put them in the bag anyway?

They are good for stores, but aggravating for every other application in the home.

Till now...

My mom broke the ends off one. She saw me looking rather strangely at her and said, "They make great bag clips."

There you go. Genius. Pure, unmitigated genius.

My mom got that stuff you don't get in schools, but somebody ought to be teaching it...

  • Common sense
  • Stewardship
  • Hard work. 
You go, Moms. 

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