Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"Read this."

I think we all find moments when we don't know what to say or to do. If we're honest, we spend much of our time not knowing exactly what to think ... what to say ... what to do.

Sometimes, in the most unexpected places and ways, and often through very unexpected people, we get wise counsel. The question is whether we have the wherewithal and good sense to recognize great advice when we hear it? Further, do we consider whether something comes from the Lord, or just simply dismiss those "gut" feelings as bad shrimp on a short night's sleep? Even more critical, IF we can recognize the Lord when He speaks, have we any intention to obey Him when He does?

Don't tell me God doesn't use unsuspecting methods. Consider Balaam. Enough said.

Well, to me, for the most part, Hollywood is Balaam's donkey, and that donkey's posterior, all in one. I don't expect much wise counsel, to say the least.


Back in the day -- you know, the days when I didn't have my ears peeled, to even try to hear the Lord speaking into my spirit and conscience -- I saw a movie: The Mission. It was historical to me at that point. I liked it then; Jeremy Irons and Robert De Niro did bang up jobs as the lead actors. The story was intriguing  even inspiring.

But, now -- you know, these new days; these walking with Jesus and ALWAYS WANTING to hear His voice days -- I hear mucho. I see everything differently; like different eyes are looking at the same old stuff in a new way, and letting me in on it. So, I watched the movie again.

Read the movie plot for yourself. Basically, Robert De Niro is a really foul dude; he does a LOT of people wrong. The Lord gentles him and humbles him and causes some people he has super offended to forgive him. He wants to find an appropriate way to say thank you. There is this powerful scene where he asks Jeremy Irons how he can say thank you and Irons quietly hands De Niro a Bible and says "Read this."

The next thing you know, the Sho Nuff OG, De Niro is reading 1 Corinthians 13. Yep. How does one say thank you to forgiveness, acceptance, kindness, friendship? Love.

But, there's a greater point here. For we who struggle -- and, let's face it, we all struggle -- to find the right thing to think or say or do, there is wisdom to be had and a response to be given in all circumstances.

Wow. Who'da thunk it? Pick up the Bible and seek wisdom for how to respond to life?

Yes, exactly.

And, this came from Hollywood? Balaam's donkey lives!

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