Friday, May 24, 2013

A million means little.... does it?

JUST A THOUGHT (don't get too charged up): you know, some music artists make over a million dollars on ONE SONG, so is part of the profit from one song really a sacrificial gift or a leadership initiative when it comes to the recent tornadoes? One NBA star, who makes over 20 million a year for their basketball skills (not including endorsement deals), gave a million; is that a true and sacrificial gift?

This is not me judging them; actually, I love that they are giving! Praise the Lord! I'm just trying to wrap my brain around giving when there are so many zeros involved, and it's relationship to sacrificial giving. And, I'm trying to get something else... I know alot of these people are giving huge amounts, like $1million, which could pay for 10 fairly nice homes, when many of them live in ONE HOME that costs more than the million they give away.

Just thinking through my fingers...

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