Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Chance to Make a Real Difference

This is a long story; epic even. I am going to try to make it brief. If you are close enough to my life to know this person that I'm talking about, please, don't use their name in this very open forum. If you want to know the person's name, I'd rather convey that face to face, and I'd be glad to share more than I am sharing here.

There's this young man; I've known him since he was 9, 10 or 11. He's a neat young man. He was raised by a single mom, and his father has never been in his life. It's been my privilege to stand and act as his father on many occasions, both in the physical and spiritual strength. He's in a fix and I am appealing to giving people to help him.

He's going into his senior year in college this year. Coming from a very poor family, and not being an academic by nature, completing three years of college has been a true and wonderful blessing. Football had been giving him a partial scholarship and student loans have been carrying the rest of his expenses. His grades were suffering from all the requirements of football, so he will forego his senior season and concentrate on finishing strong in the classroom. He's in summer classes, taking extra courses, attempting to raise his GPA. 

He's in financial trouble due to some past decisions / actions and I am appealing to you readers to help out.

Between his senior year of high school and his freshman year of college, this young man had a severe two-day long stupid attack. He went along with some guys who committed several break-ins. He didn't steal, but was rightly guilty by association and presence. It was two-days filled with bad decisions on top of 18 years of keeping his nose clean. It was two days that almost, and still threatens, to wipe away his whole future. He almost lost his opportunity to go to school. Fortunately, though many of his cohorts pulled time, he was given a deferred sentence. He was ordered to indeed go to school (should they still accept him and they did) and to make restitution of goods and damages and to pay court costs. The fees and restitution costs were nearly $10,000.00. 

He's been making payments and some of the debt has been excused. However, he owes $2,065.00 by August 8. If he doesn't pay his defferred sentence will be revoked and he will go to jail. IF I had the money, I'd just write the check. I don't have it. I have a donation.

This young man is a decent young man. He did act stupidly. He was foolish. It was not characteristic of who he is as a person. He loves the Lord, honors his mom and works hard. The pressures of football and school have made earning any real money extremely difficult. He has had temporary work as it was available and has held part-time jobs, but that's been very limited earnings. 

Here's my request and the plan.  He's willing to work it off. He's not lazy. It will be a challenge beause of his schedule, so I am going to give him the flexibility his schedule requires and the accountability his life needs. My request is simple: PLEASE GIVE. Please give by August 1, so we can clearly meet the deadline of his court appearance on August 8. If he's paid this amount and if he's still in school, the sentence deferral will still be in play. I have spoken with the court officials and they are adamant that this amount be paid, but they've been gracious in waving some fees that would have made the amount larger.

I promise to responsibly superintend your gifts. I promise to hold him accountable and make sure he works for the funds. Youth For Christ always needs things done. We'll make sure he works hard and make sure his work takes care of necessary things. I will report giving (amounts, not people) as they come in and I will use this medium to keep everyone updated on the case and his personal progress.

If this young man doesn't get assistance, I really believe he will be locked up. If he's locked up, he will lose momentum to finish school. 

Will you help?

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