Friday, August 28, 2015

Gray areas and social media rules and motives and stuff

I'd like to submit the following for the wise. It originally came to me from Dr. Danny Aiken when I was a student in his hermeneutics class. 

I think the following is useful in much decision making, and it's helpful with all social media. Lord have mercy, believers post too much stuff that is not helpful to themselves, the Body, the world and that does not bring any glory to the Lord. We need to learn what "good, clean fun" is and make the choice to not share, post, click on or express some things. 

At any rate, I refer to this set of principles quite often when working through various problems and decisions. I pray it blesses you, too. 

Paul’s Corinthian Principles

(1 Corinthians 6:12 – 11:1) 

I.                   Will this action edify self?                                         6:12

Will it build me up? 
Will it profit me? 
Will it help me personally?

II.                Will this action enslave my soul?                              6:12

Can it bring me into emotional/psychological
(even chemical) bondage?

III.             Will this action exalt the Savior?                              6:1310:31

Can I glorify my Lord in this activity?

IV.              Will this action encourage other saints?                   8:13

Is this a potential stumbling block to someone else?

V.                 Will this action evangelize sinners?                          10:32-33

Will this help or harm my witness for Christ?

VI.              Will this action emulate my Savior?             11:1

Is this something I could see Jesus doing?

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