Sunday, April 01, 2007

Hang in There

Hang in There

“Then the Spirit said unto Philip, ‘Go near, and join thyself to this chariot’” (Acts 8:29 – King James Version).

I was visiting with a congregation in revival services one time, and spent some time in prayer with two gentlemen who worked together. They told me how tough it was to be the only two Christians on their shift. We prayed for quite awhile, asking God to give them strength, give them opportunities to witness, and prepare the soil of the hearts of their lost co-workers. When we finished praying, I think they expected me to say something profound. I told them that I truly believed that God had them there for a reason. It seemed as if they wanted me to say more, so, like the knucklehead that I am, I said, “Hang in there.” Little did I realize what I said! I ran into one of those guys at a local restaurant a few weeks later. He was beaming from ear to ear. He told me how God used him to lead a lost co-worker to salvation in Christ.

Sometimes, we seem to be in tough situations. We honestly wonder what God is up to. That happens a lot in our life situations. We may be strained, and seem to be in a place that we don’t belong. Then, God, in His timing, shows us why we were there all along. We simply need to be obedient, prepared, and ready to serve.

That is where we find Philip. First off, he’s preaching in Samaria (Acts 8:5), and we know that Jews and Samarians didn’t get along very well. Nevertheless, Philip was there, being obedient, prepared to share Christ, and serving God. Secondly, we find Philip talking to an Ethiopian of the royal court in the desert south of Jerusalem (Acts 8:26-39). Let’s remember something here…Philip was a Jew, probably a peasant. What in the world is he doing talking to Samarians and Ethiopians?!? He probably wondered that himself. Yet, like as not, there Philip was; obedient, prepared to testify, and serving.

Imagine yourself in that position; God says to you, “Go catch up with that moving vehicle and talk with those folks.” Your reaction might be, “Excuse me, what did your say? I can’t do that. That’s too hard! I wouldn’t fit in!” To which God might reply, “Hang in there!”

That may be where you are in your workplace, your community, your school, or possibly even your home. Hang in there! God wants to use you! It may seem like a strained, strange, and tough place to be, but grab hold to the “chariot” that God has you on the road with, and hang in there.

Philip did. He was used of God, much like my friend, to lead someone to Christ (Acts 8:37) in spite of difficult circumstances. God knows exactly what YOUR situation is. Will you be used in His service? Hang in there!

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