Friday, July 27, 2007

Luke #20 – Where He is there is Praise!

Luke #20 – Where He is there is Praise!

“And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, ‘Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men’” (Luke 2:13-14 – King James Version).

I’ve witnessed it in dozens of places. It has happened in cars and on a porch. Once I witnessed it at two in the morning in a driveway. It has happened in living rooms, parking lots, flood damaged homes, movie theaters, in a barn, by a stream, on a rock, in hospitals, and even in a funeral home. I saw it happen in an ambulance, a garden, on a construction site, in the lake, and by a fire. You might not believe it but I have even witnessed it on a Sunday morning at church of all places! I could go on and on and on and on, but pretty soon I’ve got to tell you what I am talking about. Simply put, every where that Jesus shows up there is praise.

When Jesus came into this world as a babe a host of heavenly beings came from their heavenly residence and praised Him. Wasn’t it enough that the prophets had foretold this event? Wasn’t it enough that an angel had spoken to Zacharias, Joseph, and Mary? Wasn’t it enough that Jesus very own star marked His birthplace? Wasn’t it enough that wise men sought Him? NO, NO, NO and NO. He deserved more; He deserved praise because He was (and IS) God.

I have often contended that we can tell when Jesus is on the scene and when the devil is. It seems that since Satan is a deceiver, a divider, and libelous that wherever he shows up there is those things and fruits of the flesh. Where there is strife and pride there is Satan. Where there is a divisive spirit that does not consider the word, will and way of God there Satan is.

Where there is brokenness and meekness, THERE is Jesus. Where there is joy in spite of circumstances THERE is Jesus. Where there is assurance in spite of condition THERE is Jesus. Where Jesus is there must be praise! It is ridiculous to think we can have a relationship with Christ Jesus and spend little or no time praising Him.

I believe the reason I have seen Jesus praised in so many places is the awesome privilege of being around godly saints who love their Savior. When Jesus is Lord over a person’s life they simply live in response to Him. The most natural response is glorifying and praising Him. That’s all saved folks are going to do when we get to heaven; praising God will not be a duty or something regrettable that must be done, but will be a natural response to seeing and experiencing God.

Wherever Jesus is there is praise. Have you met with Him lately? Have you felt His near and dear presence in prayer, Scripture reading, and ministry service? Have you seen or experienced miracles that could only be attributed to the divine? How did you respond?


Anonymous said...

Last nite I couldn't sleep so I watched Christian programing on television. I learned how important it is to praise the Lord. We should all lift up Holy hands and praise Him every single day, not just for prayer but to worship our mighty "king of kings". Praise brings the power of the Holy Ghost. So those who aren't praising, I will join you today and everyday in honoring our Lord through praise. I like your Blog, but have trouble viewing it - it is hard to read. God bless you with your hearts desires

twbowes said...

Could you please tell me what makes it hard to read? I'm probably a knuckle-head, but I always see it just fine.