Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Poem

I arrived early to The Warehouse yesterday. My mind was distracted, so I begin to say and sing praises. I began to focus on the nature of God. Out of that surrendering of my mind to the reclamation of the Spirit, I rejoiced that my distracted mind and crabby spirit was turned back to God. I began to repeat a couple lines over and over again; those lines became the opening two lines to this poem and the rest followed very quickly

"This Righteous Resistance" 

I live a poetic existence 
With vigilant persistence
And will in one instance
Go the full distance
Without delay or avoidance
Hold life with substance
And hang in the balance
While filled with Great Essence 
Which is a license for brilliance
Receiving no hindrance
Except from that Presence
And I make that preference
With humble reverence
I say good riddance
To fakeness and pretense
Now I'm sent and intense
Making holy fragrance
And nothing makes me quit this
Or take for granted Assistance
Or hold back when I spit this
Or make my subsistence
This Righteous Resistance.

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