Saturday, December 15, 2012

Too Much Chatter

It's plainly obvious to me that many people are talking too much, especially believers. Right now, I don't care about gun control. YES -- and back off! -- I do know gun control will not fix human hearts, and that more guns will not give us real security and and and and ..... guns are not the problem! Guns make the problem show up in very ugly ways...very ugly.
Right now, I don't want to lock schools down. We can't lock down every public place in the world. I don't want cops at every school. I want less cops in general -- and, yes, you heard that right, too. 

Safety created by man is an illusion, at best. 

These and a dozen other conversations twirling around the tragedy in Connecticut are trite and, frankly, stupid right now. Yes, this is the tone of chastisement. IF you are a believer, you should be longing for the day when every sword is beaten into a plowshare (see Isaiah 2:4). Seriously, it's our American non-sensibility that loves guns and thinks they equal freedom and protection. But, again, I'm weary of that conversation and it's not the time for it. 

Pray, folks. Send words of encouragement, hope and healing to Connecticut. Fast. Weep. Mourn. Hug your children. Pray for your family. Work to turn America to God...

Otherwise, in my un-esteemed opinion...hush. 

There is simply too much chatter.

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