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Luke #59 - The Natural Response

Luke #59 – The Natural Response
“And He arose out of the synagogue, and entered into Simon's house. And Simon's wife's mother was taken with a great fever; and they besought Him for her. And He stood over her, and rebuked the fever; and it left her: and immediately she arose and ministered unto them” (Luke 4:38-39 – King James Version).

This is a true story, but I won’t name the physician because I don’t want people bugging him. I didn’t have insurance and I didn’t have money, but I was sick, sick, sick! I went to a doctor in town and said, “I don’t have any money right now, but I WILL pay you. I don’t have insurance and cannot afford a prescription.” I knew this particular doctor to be a Christian, so I appealed to him for help. Not only did he see me for free, but he provided the medicine I needed for the very painful sinus infection that I had at no charge. Needless to say I am a great admirer of that doctor these days. I would recommend him to anyone. As a matter of fact, I recommended him to a single mom who was strapped for cash, but had a sick child. He did the same thing for that lady’s child that he did for me. Now, there is not much I can do for this guy, but if ever I can, you’d better bet your bottom dollar that I will be quick to do it! I pray for him daily and thank God that He used that doctor as a minister of His grace. I think that is a natural response to his kindness towards me.

I am amazed at the power and tenderness of the Lord Jesus. He entered Peter’s home and found there a sick woman; specifically the mother-in-law of Peter. She was sick; Jesus told the fever to go away and by jingy if it didn’t! WHAT POWER! I see His tenderness in every healing He performed. He cares about people and wants to show them His love and mercy.

I also see in this passage a woman who responded to Jesus’ kindness. He healed this woman of her sickness and right away she served Christ. I think that is a natural response to the goodness of Christ…to serve Him.

Many times we serve God out of fear; fear of punishment or fear of His wrath. That’s good! We ought to fear God; we ought to have a great reverence of Him. We ought to realize that His judgment and wrath are perfect and serve Him so that we might avoid those things.

I believe the woman in today’s verses served Christ out of appreciation and out of love. Jesus is still in the business of healing today. Sometimes He uses the hands of doctors for His own and sometimes He does it miraculously. I went with a group of men to pray for a woman that had been diagnosed with two kinds of cancer. The next week the doctor’s could find NO trace of cancer in her! We prayed and God healed!

Physical sickness is horrible and I will not begin to say that I am an authority on why God heals some and does not heal others (that is a discussion for another day!). What I do know is that there is another sickness that is worse than any the body might endure. That sickness is sin and Jesus desires to see every case healed. The cross is the cure for ALL sin! It is the medicine He has provided and prescribed for sin sickness. Not only did He prescribe it but He paid the entire bill! Rather than paying from His pocket, Jesus provided this cure by paying with His life! Have you had your dose?

Further, I hope I am writing to some people that have experienced physical healing, but especially spiritual healing. I want to ask you, how have YOU responded to His grace? Have you responded by serving Him? Did you rise up from His healing power ready to give Him your all? I think it is the natural response!

No excuses…are you serving God in response to what He has done in your life? If not, hop to it!

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