Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Asian Chicken Chunks?

My wife asked me to look up the school menu and see what was for lunch tomorrow. I did and discovered something I've never heard of: "Asian Chicken Chunks." Hmmmmm...

My kids said they are great. Okay. I've traveled the world. I've been to multiple parts of Asia, and can appreciate the vast cultural differences in each place. I never knew there was a "chicken chunk" that represented the entirety of the Asian peoples. Apparently, there is. And, Person County Schools has them, or so I'm being led to believe.

I recently heard a This American Life article on National Public Radio that asserted pig bung is a suitable doppleganger for calimari. That being said, I suppose "Asian Chicken Chunks" are safe in comparison.

I wondered exactly what "Asian Chicken Chunks" looked like, so Google images is where I headed next. Having heard about the aforementioned bung, looks don't mean much to me.

Oh that I had time to investigate the great mysteries of life!

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