Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Devotion: Bigger Than the Bogey Man

Bigger Than the Bogey Man

And Abimelech said unto Isaac, Go from us; for thou art much mightier
than we. -- Genesis 26:17; King James Version

I used to like to follow my brothers down to the local churchyard to
play football. My brothers are all big, tough guys. There was a swagger
about them, a certain confidence in themselves that translated to those
around them. They were bruising football players, especially in the
backyard realm of padless football. They were afraid to hit or be hit
and welcomed competitive pain if it also meant they got to dish some
out. I played with them often, but, in truth, I was much too small to
be effective. Still, I swaggered too. I was, after all, with my
brothers. If I wasn't playing I would stand on the sidelines and talk
junk (a favorite male past time). Why would I do that? Simple; I was
with my brothers.

There is a Veggie Tales song that I love. It goes like this: God is
bigger than the Bogey Man. He's bigger than Godzilla and the monsters
on TV. God is bigger than the Bogey Man and He's watching out for you
and me.

Here we go again...Abimelech and the people of Gerar had their eyes on
the wrong thing. They feared Isaac's strength. I wouldn't have worried
about Isaac at all. Had I been a protagonistic Philistine I would have
called Isaac out for a fist fight. See, I'm a genius. They asked Isaac
to leave instead. Or, maybe they DID have their heads straight. Maybe
they DID know the source of Isaac's strength. Maybe they DID understand
that there was nothing particularly strong about Isaac. Maybe they DID
know that Isaac's strength was God.

I was an arrogant little punk because I knew I had the strength of my
brothers on my side. The wonderful vegetables in the Veggie Tales knew
they had nothing to fear because God is bigger than the various things
they feared.

Now, you ought not fear the Bogey Man, Godzilla, or the monsters on TV.
You ought not walk around life like an arrogant little punk. That's
just not Christian!

But, there is something here that just encourages my socks off. When we
walk with God we can have confidence that causes us to walk with less
fear and more surety that we are protected and watched over by Him who
has unmeasurable strength.

Think about it; it wasn't as if God was blowing Abimelech's property or
subjects into smithereens. He was simply blessing Isaac with wealth and
goods. THAT scared Isaac's neighbors! That amazes me! Who is this God
whose blessings frighten people?

We know God is powerful. We know God is infinite. We know God knows all
things. We know those things. But do we realize that this same God
loves us and is jealous over us? Do we realize that He desires to be
constantly and intimately involved in our lives? That's a blessing AND
outright humbling.

I will not fear the Bogey Man. My God is with me! The world may
misunderstand and become nervous at God's work in my life, but I would
rather be misunderstood than be without Him. I would rather walk with
this awesome God, who's blessings upon Isaac scared the Philistines,
than to walk without Him and have the comfort and trust of every man
upon this earthly plane.

Thank You, Father, for blessing me! Thank You for being involved in my
life. Thank You that You are bigger than ALL my fears. Thank You that
even Your goodness has such power that people become afraid. May people
look to You in response to their fears and worship You and desire to
know You more. May I find favor in this world BECAUSE of You, but if I
find loneliness and become hunted because of You I still choose You.

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