Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Devotion: What We Should Know About OUR Jesus! #2

What We Should Know About OUR Jesus!


For there is One God, and One Mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus -- 1 Timothy 2:5; King James Version

I was studying in my office recently when a person came in who was obviously very discouraged. Honestly, my first thought was, "MAN! Why can't I ever sit here peacefully? I am always interrupted!" I immediately felt convicted, but kind of shrugged it off. I got my preacher face on, smiled and said, "C'mon on in."

I listened to the person for a while and asked God to forgive me for my attitude. This person was in pain and all I was worried about was my schedule being interrupted. Shame on me!

Something dawned on me while I listened to that hurting voice; this person needed someone to draw them near the Lord and I had been given that privilege. I began to remind that one of some of God's promises; comments such as "I never thought of that" and "I needed to be reminded of that" were said.

AFTER they left I began to think of the many times of frustration that I'd had and the many people who God used to comfort me. I also thought of the great privilege I'd just had in standing between God and this person and reducing the space in between.

Jesus does that all the time. He is our Mediator. He stands between our holy God, who is offended by our sin, and pleads mercy. He reconciles, meaning He brings peace, between our soul and the Father. One of the interesting thing about a mediator is that such a one must be a common friend of both parties. There is NONE that is a friend of man and God, save Jesus! Another thing of note is the fact that there is often cases where one party has a condition cannot be met and the mediator will often fulfill that condition in the place of the offending party who cannot. What do I mean? In the case of Lord Jesus as Mediator, He fulfilled God's condition of a perfect sacrifice for sin. He mediates between God and man, claiming His own sacrifice as the meat for the condition. Isn't that amazing?

Jesus, our Mediator, stands as a lawyer always on duty. He is on eternal retainer. "Look here," He says, "this one, Father, this one is Mine. You gave this one to Me. I've met the conditions for this one's sin. You know that Father. But, look here now; this one is hurting. This one needs more grace. This one needs more of Your mercy, Father. Yes, they've messed up again. Yes, they are beaten down. I know all of that. Put it on My account, Father; forgive them for My sake. Draw them near Yourself. They needed You at the moment of salvation and they need You now. Forgive them. Lift this one up. Mend this broken heart."

Does Jesus really say stuff like that? I don't know. But I do know that He loves the Father and He loves people and He pleads our case for us before the Father. Our Mediator is always seeking to destroy the gap between God and man. Some for salvation; some for growth; some for restoration; some for encouragement. He pleads our case because He loves us. Unlike me, Jesus mood never changes. He's always on task and always has our best interests in mind. Thank God for OUR Lord Jesus; Friend, Savior and Mediator! Blessed be the name of Jesus!

Grace and peace to you from God the Father and Jesus the Son,
Tim Bowes
Romans 12:1-2

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