Friday, March 09, 2007

Going Too Fast

Going Too Fast

“For whatever things were written before were written for our learning, that we through the patience and comfort of the Scriptures might have hope” (Romans 15:4 – New King James Version).

Uncle Kirk lives in Wilmington, NC, very near the retired battleship U.S.S. North Carolina. The first time Uncle Kirk took me for a tour of the ship, I was blown away! I was about six, and I found that big ship completely amazing. Running all over the ship was better than a playground! When I left I had seen a big boat, and that was about it. The second time I went I was around seven years old. I’d stop, push the buttons for the informational recording, and run off before the recording had a chance to play. I was anxious to see and do the next thing. I got a bit more than the first time, but had learned little. The third time that Uncle Kirk showed me the ship I was around age nine. I pushed the buttons for the recordings, listened attentively and walked away knowing much of the character, life and death of that great war-ship.

The Bible can be much like the above experience. We are awed by that big book! At first, we run all through it trying to see it all so fast that we don’t really see it. The next time we go through, we take in some of God’s message, but not enough. Then we mature enough to see the fullness of the character, life and death of this great God who has done war for our souls.

Paul tells us, in Romans 15, to take care of those weaker in the faith than ourselves. It’s as if Paul is saying, “Don’t be surprised by how you see others acting or the things people do who don’t know any better. The fact that all this would happen has been written in the Scriptures all along. Look into the Scriptures and you will see for yourself that these things are to be expected. Once you see that God knew this aforetime, you’ll know things will become better and you yourself will be better equipped to help others” (Refer to Romans 15:1-13).

That is the great importance of REALLY being IN the Word. You can learn the fullness of God, the completeness and entirety of His plan for mankind, and our roles in ministering to each other. Don’t dabble in the word, but settle down and really learn of God. We experience so much frustration in our relationships because we run from place to place not taking in the great principles and precepts that God has laid out for “our learning.”

Would you like to have hope for the future? Would you have understanding of how to treat each other, understand one another, and minister to one another? God knew you would, so He put it down in His great Word. It’s all there in the Bible, where’s it has been for centuries. Take time to take in God’s word. Read attentively, abide in Him, know Him experientially…don’t go to fast.

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