Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Mums the Word

Mums the Word

“You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden” (Matthew 5:14 – New King James Version).

Mmmm…fall…what a wonderful time of year! Mums must be the happiest flowers on the earth. It seems that every fall starts with an abundance of clouds and quite a bit of rain. I think that’s what makes mums so special. When the weather is bleak, they not only survive but thrive! They create a startling contrast against a cloudy sky with their vibrant color. The clouds can come and come, but those beautiful mums just keep on giving out a brightness that can be likened to light.

These are pretty bleak times, or at least it seems to be. Jesus understood that, even while He was in the midst of His earthly ministry. In Matthew chapter 5, Jesus sat on a mountainside teaching HIS DISCIPLES. He told them, “The folks are hungry. God wants to bless those that seek Him. You are to take the message to them. I know it’s going to be tough, but my Father blesses those that are persecuted for His name’s sake” (Matthew 5:3-12).

Jesus said that He was the light come into the world (John 12:46). If we know Him, that light lives in us. We are not to cover it up. We are to let our light shine before men. Regardless of the situation of the times, we are too share the love of Christ. We are to be salt, bringing flavor (5:13). We are to be like cities; beacons of hope for the weary traveler seeking rest (5:14). We are to be lights, leading the way (5:15).

John 1:1 says that Jesus was the Word, and verse 14 says He came and lived AMONG us. People flocked to Him or shunned Him. Expect the same, but, nevertheless, be a light! We just can’t hide Him in our lives once He has illuminated us with His presence.

We are to be like those beautiful mums. Be a bright, interminable, and joyous presence in a bleak, seemingly hopeless, world. Mums may be likened to the Word, but when it comes to sharing the love of Christ and the message of salvation, mum is not the word for Christians. We are to shine! We are to shout Christ, live Christ, share Christ, and, especially, not be hidden from a lost and dying world.

Times are tough. Will you be a mum to these cloudy times? Let your light shine!

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