Wednesday, October 18, 2006

"Tim, is celibacy the same as abstinence?"

Did you see the question above? While I was at The Warehouse tonight a student stopped me, as I was walking by, and asked me that question. It led to a spontaneous time of wonderful Bible teaching about what both words mean from God's perspective.

I am so thankful to have the opportunity to work with teens. The world is so confusing and they are finding little guidance any where.

I was saddened that ONLY ONE young lady (of seven teens) had learned the importance of abstinence from HER OWN PARENTS. However, that's not the point of this thought.

There seems to be a desire, at least a verbally expressed desire, of every church to reach people for the Lord. The only way we are going to do that is to "get amongst them." It reminded me of a story...there was a young man that came into a local country store while I was there. An older man asked him had he found a job yet. The young man said, "I've been trying." The older man asked him had he been to the Employment [Commission]. The younger man said something like, "Every time I go by there are too many people inside." The older man said, "I reckon you ought to get amongst them!"

I think we pass by a lot of lost people on a regular basis and our first instinct is to find some reason to NOT share with them. You never know how the situation may arise to share the truth or to share your story with them. You ain't going to find out unless you "get amongst them."

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