Monday, October 16, 2006

[twbowes-devotions] Devotion: They Call Me The Fireman

They Call Me The Fireman

save others by snatching them out of the fire - Jude, verse 23a; English Standard Bible

I have always respected firemen (and fireWOMEN, but I'm not about to start being politically correct! When I say "firemen", know I mean all of them!) I think you've got to be pretty insane to be a fireman. They go to a fiery building, or maybe a chemical spill that is ablaze, and they get right into it. If people are in danger, firemen just jump right in. They will risk their own lives to save someone else's. Not only that, when they pull a person out of a fire a fireman will administer first aid to the victim. I could go on and on, but if you don't respect firemen, you just don't know anything about them at all.

In our post-9/11 culture I think we have all have new found respect and appreciation for firemen, with good reason of course. We've seen the many images of acts of bravery and mercy from firemen who attended that horrible mess in New York City.

That's what I want to be when I grow up. Sadly though, when it comes to buildings, I'll leave that to brave men in fast, red trucks. They have the hearts of bears and nerves of steel. You do your thing guys! I love you for it!

No, left up to me, I'd let a lot of buildings burn. (Now, my brother, David, on the other hand...he's a brave fireman...go Big Brother!!!!)

People, on the other hand, are a different story. I am determined to set up ministry so close to the gates of hell that I will have to wipe the brimstone-fed smoke off my glasses every so often.

I have the PRIVILEGE of working with all kinds of folks. Some of my favorite are those who are on the brink of falling irreversibly into the fire. Sure, they walk around in non-burning houses and sleep in non-smoldering beds, but it's the fires of hell that some of these folks are in danger of experiencing.

I want to be used of God to rescue them. I don't mind the danger or trouble. People are worth the risk.

Still, it is not these reprobates of ill repute that are in the most danger. Most "rough folks" would be the first to tell you they are a sinner. It's those religious folks who think their good works and false doctrines are as eternal asbestos, able to save them from the flame. These are in danger of the fire the most, for they can't feel the heat as sharply. When they do feel the heat, they often think it's the hot wind of people talking to them. Yes, these doctrinally mistaken, are in just as much trouble as the most debauched of sinners.

I'll love, befriend and try to win them all. I'll set up shop at the very point where the hinges of hell's proverbial gates deafen me as they squeak open to receive those deceived and unrepentant people.

I'm not afraid of the flames. People are too important. They are made in the very image of God. He loves them. He desires us to throw out seeds everywhere, even where the flames may scorch them.

When it comes to spiritual fires, I would love it if people called me The Fireman. That's what I want to be. People are important enough to save.

How about you dear friend...would you join the ranks? Would you be a Fireman too? Would you risk to save? Would you fight to snatch people from the fire? Would you bind up their wounds once they've been whisked away from the flame's edge? Would you?

Get to it.

Grace and peace to you from God the Father and Jesus the Son,
Tim Bowes
Romans 12:1-2

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